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KTMC Bulletin, Summer 2011

  • Introducing Kessler Topaz
  • Kessler Topaz Taking Mexican Mining Giant to Trial in In re Southern Peru Copper Corporation Shareholder Derivative Litigation
  • The Supreme Court Reaffirms Its Flexible View of Materiality in SecuritiesFraud Suits - a Review of Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. v. Siracusano, 563 U.S. __, 131 S. Ct. 1309 (2011)
  • FIXED INCOME FREE FOR ALL: Kessler Topaz Pursues Direct Claims on Behalf of Union Pension Funds to Recover Fixed Income Losses Caused by Wachovia
  • The Question of Auditor Primary Liability for Misstatements in Audited Financial Statements: The Ninth Circuit's New Mexico Decision
  • "It's Not My Job": The Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Plaintiffs Must Establish Loss Causation in Order to Certify a Class Action
  • Calendar of Events