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2016 Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors

March 4, 2016

Professional Meeting

Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP places a high value on the education and empowerment of shareholders and clients. We believe it is necessary to create forums for sharing information within the institutional investment community.  It is in this spirit that we present the 11th Annual Rights and Responsibilities of Institutional Investors (RRII) conference at the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel in Amsterdam. Kessler Topaz will be co-sponsoring this event with Institutional Investment on March 10-11, 2016.

A New World of Opportunities for Active Investors

The theme of this year’s conference is “A New World of Opportunities for Active Investors.” This year’s discussion will highlight long term ESG and governance goals for public pension plans, insurance plans, mutual fund companies, and sovereign wealth funds.

11th Annual RRII Conference’s Agenda

This year’s RRII agenda covers the following topics for discussion:

  • Continuing the Conversation: Is It Possible to Be a Better Investor AND Active Owner?
  • The Petrobras Securities Fraud Litigation
  • The Growing Voice of Government-Affiliated Funds in Governance and Shareholder Rights
  • The Dole Company Merger Litigation
  • Trends in Shareholder Litigation: An Important Update for US Institutions

As in previous  years, the full program will also include several workshop options, which include:

  • Making It Possible to Be a Better Investor AND Active Owner
  • Is It Your Fiduciary Duty to Save Money For Your Plan?
  • Assessing and Communicating the Value Proposition in Sustainability

This year’s theme and program highlight how important it is for funds to reevaluate their plans, goals, and overall objectives. In particular, investment, legal, and compliance officers will benefit from this year’s discussions and workshops. Having properly prioritized investing goals in place will assist shareholders in adapting to and thriving within unpredictable environments.

The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (2006-2014).

Discussion Points from Past RRII Conferences

As we move forward into this year’s RRII discussion points, you may find it helpful to recall some topics from past RRII Conferences. Past topics have covered:

  • Responsible investing, ESG and Board diversity
  • The growing market for green bonds
  • EU bonus caps and the state of executive pay practices
  • The role of outside constituents in divestment decisions
  • The “London Whale” case
  • Investment Opportunities v. Governance in the BRIC Countries
  • Southern Peru Copper Corporation’s Acquisition of Minera Mexico
  • Impacting the legislative process

As the global discussion evolves, the Rights & Responsibilities of Institutional Investors Conference continues to provide objective analyses of the issues facing institutional investors and their advisors. Insightful examination of the key issues and provision of important information will help officers convert investment principles into sound fiduciary practice.

Questions and Contact Information

Attendance at the RRII forum is by invitation only to qualified representatives. However, there is no fee to attend the conference. If you or your organization are interested in attending this conference or future gatherings, you may fill out an application for an invitation. Questions and further inquiries may be directed to:

Ann Cornish, Audience Director, at +1 (212) 224-3877 or at email

You can also visit the event site for more information.

Space at these events is limited, but we trust that you will find the presentations and workshops to be a worthwhile investment of your time. We look forward to receiving requests for invitations.

For more information regarding pertinent issues affecting the institutional investment community, you may also contact Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check, LLP. We issue a quarterly Bulletin and have published other written works, such as A Primer on Shareholder Litigation to help keep institutional investors fully informed.