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Intellectual Property Litigation

Often a company’s intellectual property is one of its most significant assets that has stemmed from years of investment, hard work and research. Unfortunately, many companies do not respect intellectual property rights, and a company often has to resort to legal action in order to protect its investment. In those instances, Kessler Topaz helps clients to protect their intellectual property rights by bringing patent infringement actions, trademark infringement suits, and other actions against those who have violated our clients’ rights.

Unlike many law firms, Kessler Topaz is well positioned to represent clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startup companies because of our flexible approach to adopting alternative billing structures that best suit our clients’ needs. We recognize that not every case is the same, and each client has its own individual situation. Therefore, we work with our clients to tailor a billing arrangement that makes sense in the overall context of the business and the value of the case. Our goal is to assist companies in protecting their intellectual property and achieving their business objectives while minimizing the financial impact of patent litigation, which has become increasingly expensive over the decade.

We focus on a winning trial strategy from the outset of the case. Having litigated numerous patent cases, we know what information is and is not important to winning a case. We do not expend client’s resources searching for information that is likely to be irrelevant or engaging in meaningless discovery disputes. Rather, we focus on the overall strategy throughout a case and driving value for our clients.

The Firm has experienced trial attorneys who have managed patent infringement cases involving computer software, telecommunications technology, medical devices, electrical hardware, pharmaceutical products, mechanical pumps, instrumentation, and consumer products. Because of our experience in handling a wide-range of technologies, we can easily adapt to handle the latest technology. Further, because of our extensive litigation experience, we are well versed on many of the ancillary issues that arise in patent litigation, such as standards-related issues.